I pencil in the blues and greens of remembered afternoons,

The leftovers of summers which linger best on the tongue

their sweetness understood viscerally

with an aftertaste hovering in the periphery of closeted thought.

The days hung loosely folded then

Their gauzy nature swayed in the waft of the bees’ flight,

Evincing a softness which lay easily upon you.

In our indolence,

We failed to notice the bite of time on our backs.

Now I color in between the lines

charcoaled in when I wasn’t looking.

Those blues and greens pastelled together,

A picture of a time gone,

The last of those summers for us.


Copyright/all rights reserved by Audrey Howitt, 2013

Image: Stephen Filarsky

"I can not put words to express the excruciating, yet exhilarating sensation of those two seconds where everything comes together!" - César Biojo